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Word January 19, In Word sometimes you can sit there scratching your head about where things have gone. Ann Stith says:. October 14, at AM.

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Anthony says:. August 25, at PM. Nadine says:. December 30, at PM. Lawrence Gillespie says:. Weebs says:. October 7, at PM.

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October 9, at PM. June 30, at AM. Terry says:. In my version of MS-Word I can put the Field-Code into the document, and format different letters of the displaying Value of it as bold or italic, etc. For instance, it is material in my version to some kinds of REF fields and to formatting the wings differently from the digits of the page-number in a Page Field where the page-number format includes the wings.

Almost everyone, however, does that by typing dashes or hyphens before and after the Field, not choosing the option to create them as PART OF the Field.

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If Eva Balassa's tip for updating by pretending that you'd like to Print Field-Codes that are in Headers and Footers is not working for you, it's because you have the setting to update Fields when Printing turned off. I do not believe that this creates a Custom Document-Property. I do it with VBasic.

Word 2016 - Document Information Panel Missing

In this tip: Inserting Custom Properties with Fields, you should also mention this in the last paragraph: There's an additional step necessary to update a DocProperty field that is in the document's footer or header. You need to select the print option as if you are going to print the document. Doing this will update the headers and footers.

You don't need to actually send the document to the printer, just force Word to prepare it for printing. Got a version of Word that uses the ribbon interface Word or later? This site is for you! If you use an earlier version of Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the menu interface. View the most recent newsletter. Toggle navigation.

How to Set the Advanced Properties of a Word Document

Inserting Custom Properties with Fields. How you display that dialog box depends on the version of Word you are using: If you are using Word or a later version, click the File tab of the ribbon and make sure that Info is selected at the left side of the screen. Then click the Properties drop-down list upper-right side of the screen and choose Advanced Properties. If you are using Word , click the Office button, click Prepare, then Properties.

Custom Document Information Panel

Word displays the Document Information Panel at the top of your document, just below the ribbon. To insert the value of this property in your document, follow these steps: Position the insertion point where you want to insert the value of the custom property. Make sure the Insert tab of the ribbon is displayed. Click the Quick Parts tool in the Text group. You'll see a list of options. Choose Field. Word displays the Field dialog box. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. The Field dialog box.

Convert PDF Documents to Word Without Effort

In the list of Categories, choose Document Information. In the list of Field Names, choose DocProperty. In the Property list, choose the custom property you created MyProp. All the choice and term store drop-down fields, date fields, text fields, whatever metadata you had in SharePoint document library exists in the document as well! In my case, I am going to make a Status change from Pending to Submitted.

By the way, it also created another version of the document! This trick also works if you just download a document from a SharePoint document library and start working on it offline. It will remember metadata from the last document library. Excel , Metadata , PowerPoint , Word. Step 1: Upload and tag a document To be able to edit SharePoint metadata inside of the Office documents , the document has to exist in the SharePoint document library.