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Playstation PS3 Eye Streaming - Raspberry Pi Forums

Windows users have had the ability to use the EyeToy as a webcam for a long time now, while Mac users have been left out. But thanks to third party software and a bit of open source genius, Mac users are finally in the loop.

Follow my simple instructions below to get your EyeToy working on your Mac. Step 1: Get the Driver The first step on your road to personal exposure is to get the right driver for the EyeToy. This is where Windows users have had it easy all this time. Luckily, some open source gurus have hacked day and night to bring you EyeToy webcam support. You could download the version on their website, but you will find that it doesn't work. That is because the EyeToy support is brand new: so new that it is not yet in the official release.

How do you get EyeToy support then? It's easy! Just grab the latest CVS build by clicking here. Click on the ZIP file under the latest date to download it you will also need to select a mirror after that. Grall Invisible Member. It's far too weak to project anything these tiny consumer cameras can pick up you'd probably need something on the sensitivity level of a supercooled FLIR to pick up the illumination of tha tiny front LED It doesn't project a dot pattern either, so it doesn't really matter that it's really weak.

Joined: Sep 30, Messages: Likes Received: It needs specialized sensor and electronics. That's been covered before. You need a specific TOF sensor to do that, like Kinect 2. It's not possible for PS4's camera to use a pulsed light for measuring depth.

PS3 Eye For Mac

If it was a feature, Sony would have mentioned it and sourced a TOF sensor from somewhere. I'm not trusting the camera to output a depth buffer.

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Computer vision is a demanding process. I doubt PS4's camera has anything like that, and the 'depth buffer' will be a preprocessed image saving some work for the system to do, but it'll still have to do a lot with it to get a sense of 3D vision. Hopefully it won't be too long before that's dis proven!

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Support for PS3 Eye as webcam, works fine everywhere else

I found that on Mac OSX Google Hangouts streams with an almost unbearable lag of nearly 4 seconds. Skype does not recognize a camera being attached to my Mac Mini mid at all. There is an openFrameworks example on github and it was working rather fine with me. First post been long timelurker and longtime processing user and this post caught my eye due to an issue im having with macam on Mavericks.

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  • Does anyone have a working macam. Got a new machine for an installation for a client and last year we ran a project using Lion on a Mac Mini using Isadora with a PS3Eye and all worked great. This time round new machine required and of course it comes bundled with Mavericks and i cant get it to work with macam. Can anyone suggest a different version of macam.

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    By keeping it all in Isadora i was able to just autoboot the Mac and leave it with the client not tech savvy peeps with no extra applications needed to run. Can you tell me, how to compile? I am using Xcode 5. Would be very very nice! I think the issue here is that the Macam.

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    On Also maybe worth trying before doing that. If anyone is still interested, I just added a openFrameworks-specific addon extending the great work of inspirit. Hello bakercp , I tried your addon and it seems to work great: I tried on several Mac computer and none was complaining about the PS3Eye.