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Though there are plenty of fonts out there for you to choose from and many are even free , you may have the desire to create your very own custom font. Perhaps you want to design your own unique font for your company's logo, or you may have a specific font design in mind and, after looking at hundreds of fonts, you've concluded that you'd have to make your own lettering to get exactly what you want.

Though professional font foundries — which make a business designing and selling fonts — would be happy paying this high sticker price, the cost is prohibitively high for those of us who want to build simple fonts. What's great is there are several free font editors out there that you can use to create your own fonts. Below, you'll discover seven of the best free tools for designing fonts. With these tools, don't expect to create high quality professional fonts right from the start — it will take time and practice, just like with any endeavor.

But, if you're simply looking to create a custom font or would like to try your hand at a fun, fulfilling and creative activity like font design, these tools will certainly help you get the job done. FontStruct is a free online font editor, which means you can create your own fonts directly in a web browser, without having to install special software on your computer.

Once you're happy with your work, you can save and download it as a TrueType font file. Microsoft Office products, Photoshop and so on.

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You can even use it as a custom web font for your site. You can create your own font from scratch or modify an existing font file. However, this changes when you switch to Expert Mode. Here you get access to more options, like brick compositing and outlines. You can zoom in and out of the work area, switch to fullscreen mode and toggle different kinds of grids and guidelines. Your new font is exported either as TTF or in a special.

Sign-up required. Supports all modern browsers, but needs Flash to work properly. Glyphr Studio. You can import outlines from Inkscape and Illustrator, or even import entire SVG fonts and modify them. Professional designers will be delighted by the Two Screen Mode, which lets you split Glyphr Studio across two monitors. All modern browsers, but works best in Chrome.

If you want to turn your signature into a font, MyScriptFont makes it effortless — just download the template, fill it out with a dark blue or black pen and scan it as a portrait grayscale image at dpi. Once you upload the image, MyScriptFont will give you a new font to download. Fontastic is a tool for creating icon fonts, and it offers a short guide to show you how. You can upload existing icons as SVG files and convert them within Fontastic, build multiple fonts and font collections, and modify every character with CSS to add shadows and color.

Works in all modern browsers. BitFontMaker lets you create pixel fonts, which you might remember from old video games. You can browse the gallery to see what others have made, upload TTF or OTF files and paint over them, or jump straight into the editor, where you can draw each letter by selecting it in the table on the right and painting squares, i. The interface is divided into tabs. Each tab lets you perform different actions on the selected character s. You can download your fonts as TrueTypeFont, you can also upload your fonts to their gallery.

10 Free Tools To Create Your Own Fonts

YourFonts is an online tool that lets you generate OpenType fonts from your scanned handwriting. Glyphr is a free HTML5 based font-editor. OTF file. It also allows you to download your font for free that you can use for commercial purposes too. You can download its freeware version to create fonts under SIL Open Font license, for other licenses you need to upgrade. What font editor do you use? Let us know in the comments below. And, do share this post with others if you found it useful.

Posted in: Design Tags: When not found tinkering with her favorite graphic design tools, she is mostly reading or writing on wide array of topics. Follow her on Twitter monikaratan. You can add www. Thank you for letting us know about FontArk. I loved the tool and found it quite useful, will add it to the above list.

10 Free Tools To Create Your Own Fonts | Beebom

What about Glyphs www. Glyphr is by far the easiest to use out of BirdFont and Glyphr. Used to revise some spacing issues and once you figure out the menu they really need a hamburger menu in the top left it was pretty simple. Prototypo is the first real time font creation software with no drawing skills required Prototypo offers a new approach to typography that integrates historical, mathematical, visual rules of this discipline and automates repetitive tasks to let users focus on overall design.

Create Stunning Fonts on Your Mac

The user can modify the shape and proportion of each letter in the Latin alphabet by playing around with more than 20 sliders. If you are familiar with Illustrator, see this tutorial https: Enjoy ;. I have 3 fully developed fonts families. I need opinions on the best font conversation tools available.

I would like to market at least of these and probably all of them, so the end product needs to be fully functional. Any suggestions? Awesome article and great community, lots of value here!