Mac move dock to second monitor

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This depiction is a holdover from older versions of OS X which did not display the menu bar on all monitors, but it helps us identify which monitor is currently set as the primary display.

When you release the white bar on the left display icon, all of your displays will briefly dim to black. When the desktop reappears, your new monitor — in our example, the one on the left — will now contain the dock, active application windows, and any desktop icons.

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To try it, simply move your mouse or trackpad cursor to the very bottom of the display where you want your dock to appear and hold it there. After a brief moment, the dock will slide down and out of sight on your primary display and then slide up into view on your other display.

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As you can see in the screenshot above, our example Mac now has only the dock on the left monitor, while the desktop icons and active windows associated with your primary display configuration remain on the right monitor. If so, have you changed the dock from one display to another?

One might expect that by clicking in a secondary display, the dock would jump over there. But it doesn't.

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My theory is that the dock doesn't jump between screens when you make a new one active because it may not need to. There doesn't seem to be any point in this kind of abrupt, possibly dizzying animation, especially without the user's consent. Also, this movement of the Dock isn't really a Preference. It's more of a dynamic user action, a Finder gesture if you will. I believe that's why there's no reference to this gesture in System Preferences - which is where one might be tempted to look. Finally, if you're one of those people who puts the dock, vertically, on the left side of your main display and the second display is logically to the left, the cursor will just slide to the second screen, as it should.